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Welcome to With Compassion, where deep-feeling, sensitive and compassionate women are supported and empowered to discover who they really are and to know their true worth and value.

I am Victoria, and I am a Compassionate Self-Worth and Wellbeing Coach.
I am author of the Amazon best-selling book, "It's Not Just You - Making Sense of Life and Thriving After Growing Up in an Emotionally Dysfunctional Family", and co-author of My Voice, 4th edition.

I can be your coach, your cheerleader and your guide as you begin to treat yourself with the respect and care you deserve.
As you truly get to know glorious you and realise how wonderful you are, possibly for the first time in your life.

It is only by really knowing yourself that you can develop true self-worth.


- Reduce the pressure you put on yourself and bring lightness, balance, peace, fun, emotionally healthy relationships and true happiness into your life.

- Move from people-pleasing to setting boundaries.

- Put yourself first whilst still being able to care for others. 

- Be kind to yourself.

- Discover and communicate your wants and needs.

- Develop a solid sense of self and self-worth.

- Live life in a way that works for you.


- Acknowledging how life is for us.
- Finding our voice, either in a nurturing and supportive circle with like-minded women, or through 1-2-1 coaching.
- Acknowledging how we feel about ourselves.
- Becoming mindful of the behaviours we have adopted during our lifetime that are not good for us. These may include people-pleasing, being hyper-independent, perfectionism, black and white thinking and adapyinh who we are to try to fit in or get a sense of belonging.
- Learning how to change those behaviours.
- Learning to be gentle and compassionate with ourselves.


- Your roles in life - daughter, Mum, carer, wife, partner, sister, friend, manager, colleague etc.

- Any family members who may have played a dominant and challenging part in your life.

- The people who made you feel like there was something wrong with you.

- The people who made you feel like you had to change or prove yourself to be worthy of love. 

- The expectations of others and the criticism and judgement you have experienced.

The focus is not on what happened to you, what was lacking for you, or the people that made you feel badly about yourself, but we will fully acknowledge the full impact on you and on all aspects of your life.

In our work together the focus is on you. GLORIOUS YOU.

You matter and you deserve it.

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As well as being a coach, I am a trauma survivor and thriver.

Compassion is my middle name. It is a huge part of me and all aspects of my life and work.

I am deeply sensitive and an empath. I get how tough it can feel to experience things so deeply.

I am a Trauma-Aware Coach (trained by Trauma Thrivers). I understand the impact trauma has on the way we experience life and relationships.

All my work is nurturing and supportive for the mind, heart and soul.

I am neurodivergent and respect diversity and neurodivergence. I want to know how YOU do life. I want you to live your life in a way that works for you.


I have lived experience of self-loathing, self-abandonment, burnout, a breakdown, difficult family relationships, family dysfunction, family estrangement, relational trauma, marrying into a different culture, complex post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma healing, and late discovery of my neurodivergence at the age of 51.

I have lived experience of discovering who I truly am and learning my true worth in my early 50s. I know it requires hard work, patience and compassion and I also know how life-changing and life-enhancing it is.

I know who I am.

I know my true worth and my value.

I absolutely live life my way.
I want this for you too.

Let's work together.

You will not regret it.


I offer a free 30 minute chat during which we can talk about how things are for you AND find out if working together is a good fit for both of us.


A trauma is a distressing event where you feel scared, unsafe, rejected, humiliated, invalidated, unsupported, powerless or ashamed, and how you are affected by it.

Trauma is personal and traumatic events can cause long-lasting harm to your health, thought processes and behaviours. The effects can happen quickly or a long time afterwards.

Lack of emotional attachment in childhood is trauma. It’s about what happened as well as what was lacking.

October 2023 - Moving Beyond Family Struggles Online Summit.

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