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Blue Smoke

About Victoria

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I am a Self-Worth and Wellbeing Coach (Coach Training with Co-Active Training Institute).
I am Trauma-Aware and am currently undertaking my Trauma-Informed training (Trauma Training with Trauma Thrivers). I am also a Mental Health First Aider.
I successfully completed the Creating Circles course with Sally Golightly which included 18 hours of supervised training and 40 hours of self-study and a final piece of work.

My Amazon bestselling book, It's Not Just You - Making Sense of Life and Thriving After Growing Up in an Emotionally Dysfunctional Family, came out in 2023. I was a Co-author of "My Voice" (volume 4) in 2022, another bestseller.

Prior to becoming a coach I worked in education, in the mainstream and charity sectors, for 25 years. My work involved supporting, teaching, training, managing and coaching people of all ages, especially championing those who had low self-worth and who felt like they didn't belong. Throughout my varied, person-centred career, I have been a passionate advocate of seeing each person as a unique individual, and of the absolute power of connection and community. 

I am neurodivergent (Audhd) and I work from a neurodivergent-affirming and inclusive perspective.

I love
 being in community with others and am a member of the Late Discovered Club and the Late Discovered Community for late discovered autistic women.

I am proud to be a member of the Association for Coaching and I adhere to its quality and standards.


I am compassionate, warm, open-hearted and chatty. I feel things deeply and love a deep conversation. I love nothing more than going for a meandering walk in nature with my gorgeous dog, curling up with a good book or writing and journalling. 

Going to concerts and to the theatre and cinema brings me joy, as does cooking and eating out, spending time with my husband and young adult daughter, connecting with my wonderful friends, travelling to new places, singing in a choir and practising self-care, Qigong and Yoga Nidra. I also love to laugh. Giggles and proper belly laughs.  

I spend as much time as possible doing things that make me feel truly alive. I truly live life in colour now, but life hasn't always been this way.


I went on my own self-discovery journey after completely losing my sense of self and having a breakdown in 2018, after years of ill physical and mental health.

My relationship with myself and the way I approach life has been transformed. I know my value now and I know what I deserve. I am one compassionate, glorious, feisty, and chatty woman. It has been hard work but it has been so worth it for the happiness I feel. I am living life in colour, not existing from day to day.

Life can still be challenging, and there will always be triggers and difficult times, but I have a range of self-soothing strategies in my armour and I am kind and compassionate to myself. I have open and emotionally healthy communication with the gorgeous people in my life. People who are there for me during the dark and the light times, who uplift me, support me and celebrate me. I have clear boundaries and I no longer give my precious time to things or people that don't make me happy. I approach life calmly and gently, and have space in my life for me, my wants and needs. I feel happier in every aspect of my life.


During my healing, professional support and lots of connection, reading and research helped me uncover and process years of attachment and relational trauma, and bullying from people in my life. Trauma that impacted my physical and mental health for years.


You can read  about my healing and how I went from surviving to thriving in my book, "It's Not Just You". 

All my professional services are delivered 
nationally and internationally, using Zoom or Mighty Networks.


CONNECTION with other glorious women through my online Compassionate Women's Circles.

COMMUNITY with other glorious women through my free online Compassionate Community of Women.

1-2-1 COACHING online via Zoom.

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