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Work Desk

I attended Victoria's online mentoring course. I eagerly looked forward to the sessions - her soothing voice worked like a meditation in itself and she delivered her topics with a calm authority and quiet passion which drew me in, making me receptive to the ideas and strategies she shared.


I found these thought-provoking, encouraging a level of self-reflection I had not experienced before, and encouraging me to be true to myself.


I was immediately able to apply these when a job opportunity presented itself. 


Victoria drew on her own experience to illustrate how she herself had used the strategies she described. An openness I appreciated. Her course has enriched me and I would not hesitate to return to her in the future. 


I have just finished the last part of your beautiful programme, thank you.


I have found it so useful. I now have an internal dialogue when I do not use kind words to myself. They still come but I am more aware of them.


I try to be more encouraging of myself, being my own cheerleader.


I know I am at the start of the journey and know that a lifetime of self-harshness will not disappear in a few months but there are valuable tools Victoria shared that will help me through.

I am thinking about what items I can put together in my self-compassion tool kit as I begin a placement at the end of the month. The wealth of Victoria's understanding about this subject makes it so valuable.

Clare S

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